Beautiful hands and well-kept nails is an integral part of the image of any modern self-respecting woman. It is like a visiting card revealing the truth about its holder. They not only give additional confidence but also allow feeling special and charming.

Men’s manicure is also an important part of the image of every man as well as neat clothes and clean-shaven chin. Tidy nails and well-kept hands will attract the attention of not only the fair sex and business partners but also will create the image of stylish confident man who takes care of his look.

Types of manicure

  • Manicure and covering with nail polish: 15 €
  • Quick manicure: 10€
  • Classic manicure with french polishing: 17€
  • Manicure with gel nail polishing: 25 € 
  • Manicure with long lasting french polish: 27€
  • Classic manicure with pedicure: 35 €
  • Men’s manicure: 15 €
  • Covering with nail polish: 5€
  • French manicure: 7€