This is cosy, modern and elegant environment and exceptional attention to a client. We are the team of professionals that offers qualitative beauty services to everyone who takes care of their appearance.

In beauty salon “Sphinx” you will be welcome by professional experts who work with progressive cosmetic hair care lines such as: KERASTASE, L’OREAL PROFESSIONAL, WELLA, CHI, NIOXIN, and KEVIN MURPHY. These are very effective beauty products created with a help of cutting-edge technologies which can be used only by those beauty salons that render top level services.

MARIA GALLAND is a world-famous line of cosmetic products the distinctive feature of which is immediate effectiveness and quality. These cosmetic products are one of the fastest-selling in the world and are even included into the International catalogue of medical products as indispensable and effective medical preparations.

GUINOT HYDRADERM LIFT is a unique device intended for the carrying out of facial rejuvenation procedures, amazing progress in the field of skin care products. It provides exceptional effectiveness and result as well as special technique of procedure carrying out.

Lymphatic-drainage massage made with a help of GUINOT device eliminates toxins, stimulates and tonifies facial muscles. The penetration of positively or negatively charged ions into facial skin helps to let active materials into, saturates facial skin with oxygen which enhances cell renewal and stimulates blood circulation.

Our beauty salon is situated in the upscale place in the center of Vilnius, in the business-centre “Pirklių klubas”, surrounded by important state institutions, cafes, restaurants and banks situated in Gedimino Avenue, and thus is easy of approach.

Beauty salon “Sphinx” offers all it clients an exceptional opportunity to park their cars free of charge in the underground parking, so nasty weather will not disturb you, whereas ladies will be able to get in the beauty salon dry shod.

Entrust us the care of your beauty, and we will take care of your unexceptionable appearance.